Acne ridden pig

Oddly enough, I had never directly experienced harassment based upon my gender until about two weeks ago in a video game, nor was I connected to any incidents through others. However the experience I recently had is relevant to the question posed here I believe. The person who treated me unfairly was someone I’d had a minor level of interaction with through gameplay. They began talking to me in the days following, asking for personal details about me. I was vague about everything, though I did mention my gender (female) and my age. They launched into a weird speech accusing me of being an acne-ridden pig if I was spending time on a video game as a female. I defended myself by just saying that I wasn’t, and so they pressured me for a physical description and a photo. Ranting to myself how ridiculous this person was being, I told them that my physical appearance didn’t matter, that we’re just playing a game. They continued to press me about details in the hours and day or two following, after my ignoring them, they made several sexual references saying things like “they’d hit it” regardless of how I looked. I used the game’s block feature after that. Overall I found it an interesting experience and afterwards, I reflected on how there definitely is a stereotype of the “typical” female gamer and I’m now noticing more than before how gross males playing these games act when discussing women. It’s pretty discouraging.


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