Happens all the time

I’ve played my fair share of games on Xbox Live, specifically Call of Duty and Halo. However, I may be an outlier, I have never been a part of or heard any negative response to a girl playing any of those video games. Usually the girl is assumed to be a young boy and is harassed as such because of the high voice, but if the girl joins with friends, usually this thought is dismissed rather quickly. However, on the internet when discussing video games, women usually are assumed to have very little voice or opinions on the video games they possibly are experts on, just because people don’t believe they’re women and their story is usually thought to be fake. I can’t think of a specific time I’ve seen this, probably because it happens all the time. Someone posts an image of themselves with a retro game on Reddit, they happen to be a girl. Girl then either is harassed with sexual comments, a few ‘white knights’ as they’re known come in to defend, usually are beaten by the trolls as they are relentless and overly cruel, or no one believes the girl is real and thus conversation dies. Yeah.


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