Melee Taunting

My friends and I truly do enjoy playing Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers: Melee. We use to play it for hours and hours every day. From the start we would joke and raze each other as we played. Words were uttered like: “Diablo Rape Blast,” “Suck it,” “For the butt!” “Bende OVER!” “Die old man,” “Die, die, die, DIE!” and many more forms of I Win, You Loose. We would also applaud grand maneuvers and epic display of luck and daring. We never thought of these jeers as malevolent or degrading. The words were supposed to be only be a minor hazing. Friendly sport amongst cherished opponents. One day a few friends came over to hang out and have some fun. As always, we started playing Smash Brothers. The cyber combat became more and more intense as we played match after match. All of us hooting and hollering. Slurs and suggestions of one’s mother flowed vibrantly from our lips. The games continued and crude words escalated to greater depths of depravity. What we did not notice was that player four was truly getting more and more angered at the game play. He had switched from mirthful insults to rage induced accusations and statements. None of us understood what was actually occurring within him. We all thought it was part of the escalating taunts. Finally after player four lost his fifth match in a row he threw his controller at the wall, shattering the cube controller. He then said “Fuck this” and walked out to go home. All of us stared dumbfounded, perplexed by his actions. We did not know he had a bad day at work. Or that our words, after hours of play, had a baleful affect on him. We just thought of it as part of the game play. The next day he apologized for his actions and explained what had happened. We learned to limit our tongues and be more aware of the way our words affect one and other.


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