Mic Spamming

I’ve been playing online games for many years. In that time I’ve witnessed a fair number of female gamers become targeted and harassed. It happens more when VOIP(voice over IP) is present, it’s harder for people harassing to be sure they’re actually harassing a female when text chat is only way to communicate. Usually the woman is attacked unprovoked. They mutter something into the mic and as soon as a male realizes a female voice was heard in the lobby the harassing will start. I’ve heard many variation of the kitchen joke, that seems to be the most common. Most males will give up after being ignored, but some won’t be shut down so easily. The harassment escalates to sexual comments. Rape is a term thrown freely about but so are things like asking the woman for sexual pleasure etc. If that fails to incite a reaction, then random noises are the usual progression. Basically they just spam the mic until you’re forced to mute them. Unfortunately I have no direct quotes. I rarely use my mic online anymore. I got sick of all the random hate towards anyone and everyone. I myself am male. I’ve been the ‘white knight’ a couple times…but that was when I was younger. People doing the harassing don’t usually care to listen to reason so there’s no arguing with them. Now I usually just give advice to females that are being harassed or mute everyone. The advice I give is to mute the perpetrators. Reporting unfortunately is a joke. The administrators and moderators of online services have so many reports to go through that it would take them weeks/months to get around to a report. Muting only skirts the problem however. To whoever figures out how to solve the problem, kudos.


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