New on League of Legends

This is the experience that most recently comes to mind. When I was playing League of Legends with some friends, there were 4 of us lanning and the 5th player we got paired with was (we later found out) a female. We started playing the game (unknowing of her gender), and she was making a lot of mistakes and not buying very good items for her character. It’s a bit difficult to remember what we said to each other and what we said in the game chat, but we were kind of giving her a rough time for buying the items she did, and asking her about why she bought those items. I think sometime around then we found out a) she was a newbie b)she was female. Myself and the other person I was playing with acted in a helpful way. Even after that game we added her to our friends list and played another game with her, trying to give her tips on how to play. I would like to say that I don’t think we were talking down to her in any way or we were helping her just because she was a female. However, one of the other people I was playing with was staying a lot of rude things out loud to us, and while he somewhat expressed those feelings in game, they were much more censored, likely because we were around and would have called him out if he went any further. He thought the things he was saying were funny, I don’t think he said them to be mean for the sake of being mean. She did not pay much attention to his comments, and so he continued to make them even though he was being mostly ignored (maybe it was because he was being ignored).


One thought on “New on League of Legends

  1. I’m female and I play League often. I’m an excellent player, I play competitively in ranked and yet I still get a lot of harassment. I get it if I do well or not. Part of the problem is the company who makes the game to an extent, Riot games.

    Yesterday they came out with an xmas skin for one of the female characters, Kat. When the player would press a button to send her back to home base, the game would play an animation of her twirling and grinding around a pole. There was a huge outcry on the forums and I’m glad to say, Riot has since removed this animation. +1 respect Riot. They have recently reworked a character, Nidalee, with a similar pole grind. I am hopeful they do the right thing again.

    Of course, after the pole grind was removed, there was a mass of posts on the Riot forums about how the company shouldn’t give in to the “White Knights” and “Feminists”. They posted that obviously the female devs at Riot must not care, if the animation was released anyway right? It makes me sad when I hear these sorts of remarks, because it tells me even though we have come a long way getting respect as women in the games, we still have a long road ahead of us.

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