About Us

Understanding what players enjoy and notice can help designers make better games.  Researchers at Michigan State University are studying how players how players interact with each other in games. Eventually, we want to raise awareness of how player interactions can impact social environments. Meaningful Adventure is a serious game design MA Project.

Carrie Cole

Carrie is a designer and researcher on the project. Her main interest in Meaningful Adventure is to have a better understanding of why there are not many young women pursuing careers in the game industry and to find ways to increase female involvement as developers and gamers.

Bryan Novak

Bryan is a designer and programmer on the project.  He would like to make the world of gaming as accessible and welcoming as possible and feels that using the power games have to teach, empower, and critically approach problems is a great way to solve the current hostility in gaming culture.

Culver Redd

Is the lead programmer on the project. He wants to see video games become as integral a part of the world’s culture as music and video are now, so that their potential to make us feel, act, and change in so many different ways can be fully realized.

Nathaniel Abernathy


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