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New on League of Legends

This is the experience that most recently comes to mind. When I was playing League of Legends with some friends, there were 4 of us lanning and the 5th player we got paired with was (we later found out) a female. We started playing the game (unknowing of her gender), and she was making a … Continue reading

Melee Taunting

My friends and I truly do enjoy playing Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers: Melee. We use to play it for hours and hours every day. From the start we would joke and raze each other as we played. Words were uttered like: “Diablo Rape Blast,” “Suck it,” “For the butt!” “Bende OVER!” “Die old man,” “Die, … Continue reading

I harassed a female gamer

Thinking back, I can recall one particular incident where I participated in harassing a female gamer. At the time I was happy, even proud of the incident, but growing older I came to reflect on that moment and realized how wrong I was. It has been almost a decade since the incident, I am a … Continue reading

Annoyance to everyone

Personally I’ve never been harassed because of my gender, but I have definitely seen it after playing a lot of online games. A majority of the time the person being harassed either muted their mic or left the server. Often times if someone is harassing another player a lot of other people gang up against … Continue reading


OMG A GIRL HOWRU, UR VERY PURTY, U HAVE A NICE VOICE, IT’S MAKIN ME HORNY Yes, this is an actual response we received.

Announcing their presence

I have found that when a female announces her presence during an online game (I mostly play Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2) usually there is a wave of “Get back in the kitchen”‘s and lines of that nature. Most of the time the female just ignored it (and in most cases the … Continue reading

Happens all the time

I’ve played my fair share of games on Xbox Live, specifically Call of Duty and Halo. However, I may be an outlier, I have never been a part of or heard any negative response to a girl playing any of those video games. Usually the girl is assumed to be a young boy and is … Continue reading

Acne ridden pig

Oddly enough, I had never directly experienced harassment based upon my gender until about two weeks ago in a video game, nor was I connected to any incidents through others. However the experience I recently had is relevant to the question posed here I believe. The person who treated me unfairly was someone I’d had … Continue reading

Mic Spamming

I’ve been playing online games for many years. In that time I’ve witnessed a fair number of female gamers become targeted and harassed. It happens more when VOIP(voice over IP) is present, it’s harder for people harassing to be sure they’re actually harassing a female when text chat is only way to communicate. Usually the … Continue reading

You sound like a little boy

The stories I can most recollect of female harassment (I’m male), is when my friend, Briana, would play Halo 3 at my old apartment some years ago and receive a lot of harassment via the Xbox Live headset. The most common things I heard were attacks on the sound of her voice, often being called … Continue reading