Survey on Issue of Sexual Harassment in Games

Understanding what players enjoy and notice can help designers make better games.  Researchers at Michigan State University are studying how players how players interact with each other in games. Eventually, we want to raise awareness of how player interactions can impact social environments.

Our survey asks about the serious problem of harassment based on apparent player gender in online games. Many of these questions are direct quotes of harassing comments experienced by female gamers. The quotes include vulgar language and sexual innuendo.

You must be 18 or older to participate in the study.

If you are concerned that exposure to these statements will upset or offend you, then please do not participate  If you begin this study, and decide partway through that the statements are too offensive, you are free to stop participating at any time.

We are looking for people who would be willing to complete a short, online, anonymous survey.  Participating in the research would take about 15 minutes of your time The research is conducted entirely online.  The research data is collected and stored anonymously.

If you would like to be part of this research, please visit  to take the survey.

If you have questions about the study now or at any time during the research, please email Dr. Carrie Heeter, Professor of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media at Michigan State University ( .

Please visit the Meaningful Adventure blog site in early February to see the results of this first phase of the project.


One thought on “Participate

  1. Maybe to get more scientific results and to make sure people arn’t just angry clicking you should have added more to the “Do you think these responses are appropriate” category. Sticking some positive in with the Negative so you can get a better feel about what people truly think is ok and not.

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